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Chloè Faye Shoulder Bag

My latest edition to the ArmCandy family is the beautiful Chloè Faye Medium Shoulder bag. The Classic Tobacco color reminded me of  the Wild West, so I named her Dakota. The real draw for me to this bag was the GOLD RING LOOP with hook and chain on the front. It’s as if a 70’s simple calfskin shoulder bag, caught an attitude, got a piercing, and this knockout was born.
I saw her for the first time while stepping off the escalator at Saks on my way out of the store. I immediately fell in love with the rich and warm TOBACCO color. The Motty Grey was also quite stunning, but I try to avoid repeating colors, and already have my Grey Chanel. Cannot have her being JEALOUS.
I slid the bag on my shoulder and attempted to open to see the inside. My first attempt failed as I was over thinking and tried to unhook the front. The saleswoman walked over and showed me it was just a simple lift of the front flap. She assured me she had made the same mistake but I’m convinced she just didn’t want me to feel stupid. I walked out of Saks that day having bought nothing but just KNEW that we would meet again.

I’m excited to have a tiny break from my chain link straps as this one is a thin yet sturdy leather. It’s got about 7 different holes to adjust the length of the strap. I’ve been playing with wearing both cross body and on the shoulder. Another really cool thing about this bag is that you can remove the straps and it becomes a CLUTCH as well. I LOVE the way it looks as a crossbody, so I have a feeling that will be my spring summer go to style.
My ONLY caution thus far is taking care of the suede on the flap. If you happen to get caught in the rain/snow, either RUN, or make sure to wipe down the suede calfskin as soon as you can to avoid water stains.  The leather calfskin is a bit more durable and has a bit more of a protective coating.
The Faye style comes in a backpack, medium shoulder bag, small shoulder bag, and wallet on strap. The Faye comes in a few “Chloè Classic” colors: Black, Motty Grey, and Classic Tobacco.  I have a few pairs of Chloè shoes. However, I have never invested in their bags as I thought they appeared to be very heavy “looking.” The Faye has changed my overall view of the line, and I look forward to getting to know the newest member of the family 🙂
♥ Vatasha Kristen ♥

The Details

– 2 Large compartments
– Topstitched front flap with magnet closure
– Internal zipped pocket
– Adjustable leather strap
– Delicate mix of pale gold and silver finishing
– Refined beige suede calfskin lining
– Width: 12.6″ / 32 cm
– Height: 10″ / 26 cm
– Depth: 1.6″ / 4 cm
– Min. strap length: 12.6″ / 32 cm
– Max. strap length: 15.7″ / 40 cm




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