Pretty In Pink

 Gianvito Rossi “Shanghai” Embroidered Satin Mule

These are the type of shoes that really give this SHOEGAL major inspiration.  A GREAT pair of shoes that pair beautifully with everything in your closet. On this August day the temps were a bit cooler, so I opted for a chambray top with black denim jeans. However, had it been a sunny 80 degree day, they would have propped up a simple black dress with ease. The embroidered satin and velvet texture of the cutaway vamp give major feel good vibes.
For the COMFORT QUOTIENT, I would rate these at a 6/10 mainly based on the height of the heel. The heel is 105MM which is just over 4″. These fall into the big girl shoes category, and are not for the occasional high heel wearer. Aside from the natural challenge that comes with heel height, the only discomfort after a full day of work was some slight rubbing against the big toe. I call that a definite win in the battle of fashion vs function.
The SHANGHAI mules are a perfect end of summer accessory to glide into FALL.



♥ Vatasha Kristen♥


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