Bummin’ It

I got my hands on the Louis Vuitton BUMBAG at the end of last year around the holidays. I was looking for a monogram LV piece to add to my collection but wanted something on the smaller side, that was also practical.

My initial draw to this bag was the the lookbook of outfits that I was itching to pair it with. The highly versatile BUMBAG can be worn as a cross body, around the waist, or as a shoulder bag. You can opt for a looser or tighter fit to the body depending on your desired look, or what you are planning to do that day. I prefer to wear it close to the underarm and slung around the front. Around the waist felt a little too large and the removal was slightly cumbersome.

This beauty holds a TON, but the bag itself doesn’t have a lot of weight to it. It’s great for occasions where you want your hands to be free, and need more space than a belt bag, but don’t want a bulky crossbody.

My favorite LOOK is with jeans and a T, but I’ve paired it with sundresses quite a bit this summer. I wouldn’t necessarily grab it for a night out on the town as its still fairly casual. But we all know there are really no rules when it comes to FASHION!

Ashley Tinsdale bummin it in the Louis Vuitton Bumbag

Most LUXE pieces that I invest in need to give me some strong mix of both FASHION and FUNCTION. This bag did not disappoint. Throughout quarantine, the BUMBAG helped me level up my leggings and put my VEELUXE spin on BUMMIN’ IT. Gone were the days of high heels, real pants and places to go. The new norm became comfy clothes, sneakers and trips to the store for essentials. Throwing the BUMBAG on with these BEYOND casual looks helped me to feel pulled together during a time when pretty much everything else has been falling apart.

XO ?

Vatasha Kristen

P.S. If you aren’t into the traditional monogram look, it also comes in the Monogram Empriente in Black and also in Cream.


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