I’m Blushing


Glossier Cloud Paint

I don’t wear makeup everyday, but I almost ALWAYS make sure to at least throw on a little blush on my cheeks and the tip of my nose when leaving the house. So, I was beyond excited when my favorite beauty brand decided to create a blush. The newest member in the product line-up for Glossier is called Cloud Paint. It’s a beautiful creamy wash of color that comes in 4 tints.
  • Beam – Coral Peach
  • Puff – Cool Pink
  • Dusk – Rosy Beige
  • Haze – Berry
The texture on this stuff is AMAZING, and a little bit goes a long way. You can just dab 1 drop and work that in for a more subdued look, or 2 drops for more intensity. I have all colors except Beam. I am not as big of a peach fan, but all the other colors are phenomenal and do offer their own unique color payoffs. I am not really able to capture as well as they do on the Glossier site. I did make sure not to add any filters to show the true color. I think you can see how there is a more rosy color with Haze after using just 1 drop for both cheeks, versus 2 drops of Puff that gave a nice baby doll pink look. Dusk is the most natural looking of the 3 shades, so I did use 2-3 small drops to get the color to pop a little more on my darker skin.
I absolutely LOVE the cloud paint, and look forward to continuing to use and play with the tints 🙂