A Little Ripped…A Lotta Chic


Paige of Destruction

My go-to denim of choice is the destructed/destroyed style (aka ripped jeans). They range from, just a few gently torn small holes, to several rips strategically placed from thigh to knee. One of my FAVORITE BRANDS for denim is PAIGE, and they make several of these styles. I am 5′ 10″ so finding jeans in general is sometimes a challenge. My preferred destruct style (yes, this is a thing), is 2 slits on each leg that that sit right around the knee. I love them so much that I have acquired several of them for easy rotation, and so I don’t look like I am wearing the same pants everyday.

One of the things that I enjoy most about all of my Paige denim is that the material is soft and movable. I am not a fan of jean leggings, but these offer the comfort of a jegging without the “my pants are painted on” look. Paige also tends to make their jeans just a bit longer than the other brands. What fits the average woman as too long, hits me at the ankle PERFECTLY.  The featured pairs all have a similar medium blue jean wash color. This rinse is the easiest to pair with EVERYTHING, and falls perfectly into the ANY season zone.


How I (Vee) Rock It

Verdugo Transcend Ultra Skinny
Destructed | Inseam: 30″ | Leg opening: 10″
THESE. ARE. MY. FAVORITE. JEANS. Out of all of the 20-30 pairs in my closet, these get the most wear. After searching for almost a year, I was able to find some that were just as amazing, but were different enough that I could justify buying more of the same type of jeans. The main differentiation between them is the hem and rise. They go with everything, they are extremely comfortable, and the length is JUST right. Above all else, is the fact that the fit is phenomenal. In other words, they make my butt look pretty good.


Margot High Rise Ultra Skinny
DeDee Destructed | Inseam: 30″ | Leg opening: 10 1/4″
These are very similar to the pair above, but the denim is a little thicker. What also separates these from the pair above is that they are a high rise. Having had two children, I like to make sure that whatever version of a mommy belly I have looks as flat as possible. Typically high rise accentuates flaws in the tummy area, so I have steered clear. Thanks to whatever blend of elastane, cotton and polyester they crafted these jeans from, that is a non issue. Still super soft and comfortable, but with a little more suck it all in power.

Verdugo Step Hem Ankle Skinny
DeDee Destructed | Inseam: 27 1/2″ | Leg Opening: 11″
These jeans are a part of the new high low hem trend. I only recently came on board with this style because previously, the contrast between the front and back leg hem was too extreme. Thankfully once these became more popular, the brands started to play with the lengths. Finally, I was able to find one that was a good fit for me. They are considered an ankle pant, but for me, they hit closer to the top of my shin.


Ready to Shop?!

The Margot High Rise and the Verdugo Step Hem were both purchased at, and are available currently at Nordstrom. The Verdugo Transcend was purchased over a year ago and are no longer available, however, these are pretty close.