Clever Clutch

Louis Vuitton (Toiletry 26) Clutch

Latest obsession in the form of an accessory….
When I am in the mood to take a break from my favorite handbags, I am now reaching for this quick makeshift clutch. It holds pretty much everything that I carry in all my other bags, but given there are no pockets (since its a toiletry bag) there is a little bit of chaos. But not enough that I care. Another feature that I am enjoying with the size is that I can stick it into my work tote with my laptop, and have all my personal items completely separate.

After purchasing my first Chanel, I began assigning each of my ArmCandy items their own name. Her name is KIT. Makes me think of a kid sister, but one that you actually WANT to tag along!

How I (Vee) Rock It

The classic Louis Vuitton monogram pattern is the perfect neutral so it goes with everything. I wore it with heel booties, jeans, and my Canada Goose to dinner with my boys last night, and also grabbed it for my Costco run this morning, paired with Jeans, and Hunter boots.

Space for days! I am carrying my entire purse in this bag, with the exception of my wallet. Not that it could not fit…but I like the look better with less bulk. I also have no issues putting my iPhone 7 in here AND my work iPhone 6S.

Ready to Shop?!

The bag retails for $415, and can be purchased at most high end retailers. I got mine from the Louis Vuitton boutique inside of Saks Fifth Avenue. There was only one of them when I went into the store, and the salesperson told me they were not able to keep them in stock. Love how savvy and chic this bag makes me feel. AND it’s almost like a steal 😉