The Phenomenal Phantom

Céline Luggage Phantom

I call this stunning bag SELENA. Named partially after the fierce Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, and partially just a cute twist on the name of the brand. I have always admired how refined the Céline bags were, especially their totes. So, naturally when I began looking to upgrade my tote game, I chose the Celine Phantom. I wanted a bag that would whisper “take me for a stroll down Rodeo Drive” as opposed to my current “take me to buy jam at the farmers market.”

How I (Vee) Rock It

Being as though I chose a lighter color, I do have to be careful with how I pair this bag during the colder months. Although, the bag does have a little weight on it, the camel leather is absolutely FANTASTIC! The shade is the definition of a neutral, but it still holds its own as a subtle pop of color. It can only be worn on the crook of the arm or in the hand, so I would not recommend if you are looking to wear on the shoulder or if you are planning on being active and will need your hands. So this bag falls more in the FASHION OVER FUNCTION category.
The denim transfer on this color leather happens VERY easily, so I tend to wear with my light denim. I do wear this bag more often during the warmer months. I love the way that it looks with my summer dresses and skirts.

Ready to Shop?!

The black and red Phantoms bags are staples in the line, but the other colors are seasonal. They also come in cloth, and some exotic leather as well. The sister to the Phantom is the Luggage bag which comes in a large variety of sizes. The difference is that the Luggage bag has a zip across the top.
This is a true luxe piece, and will instantly give you that pop of glam, whether you are in couture or sweatpants 😉