The Edgy Flat

Aquazzura Christy Flat

These adorable flats have been my answer to the winter blues. Working in an office I have the luxury of doing a shoe change each morning so I am not constricted by the weather for the most part. They manage to dress up any pair of jeans, and go with pretty much everything I own.
The other HUGE bonus is that despite the pointy toe, they are actually comfortable! I have worn them a full 10 hour day at work, but also running errands with my children, and my feet could not have been happier.

How I (Vee)Rock it

Being from New York, all black outfits usually work their way into my rotation at least once a week. The pop of gold on the heel adds such a great touch to my super basic all black ensemble. Easily adds polish to a pair of destructed denim and a comfy t-shirt. The wrap around tie is also another cute touch and separates these from your plain everyday ballet flat.

Ready to Shop?!

I purchased mine online from FORWARD by Elyse Walker for under $300. Got an incredible deal since they are the velvet version. The leather version is still full price ($675US), and can be bought at most of your higher end retailers  (SaksNeiman Marcus, etc.)