The Timeless Slide

Gucci Princetown Horsebit Flat

These Gucci Princetown slides just came into my life like a beautiful storm. I saw a post on Instagram and was suddenly drawn to how classic yet trendy they were. Being Winter in Michigan they are not the most practical purchase for this time of year, but I could not look away, I could not stop researching them, reading reviews, and strategizing ways to wear them in every season.
The fur-lined version was the first pair that caught my eye, but for me, but I felt the fur, although warmer, was actually a deterrent for winter. I just kept thinking about all that I might be dragging into my house via soft delicate pieces of lamb fur.
Lucky for me, but unlucky for our planet, we had an unseasonably warm January, so I have already worn them 2 or 3 times since my New Year’s Day purchase. The quality of the Italian craftsmanship is impeccable, and the gold-tone Horsebit detail is stunning.  The soft leather feels comfortable against the foot, and they broke in very easily.
One word of caution on these is to SIZE UP (at least a 1/2 – 1 full size). Nothing worse than the dreaded heel hangover.

How I (Vee) Rock It

They were easy to pair with skinny jeans, and a classic pressed button down shirt. For work I would add a simple fitted blazer for the full on preppy chic look. The next look I am eager to pair this with is a flowy yet form fitting top and a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans rolled up slightly imperfect. I am dying to pair with the matching double G black leather belt, but that is next month’s splurge.

Ready to Shop?!

These were a bit of a hot item a few months ago, and retailers were not able to keep them in stock. I was able to nab my rare size from, you guessed it, Saks, but have since noticed most sizes are on back order. The Gucci site seems to be fully stocked right now, so I am sure getting one’s hands on them should not be too hard.





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