VeeLuxe on Vaca: Spring ’17 NYC

A weekend with my FAVORITE City

The season that always seems to tease us is finally here. Spring has arrived!
What a better way to dust off the winter blues, than a long weekend work/play trip to New York.
Long Island, New York is my place of birth and where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Growing up far enough from the city to enjoy the quiet, yet close enough to just hop on the LIRR or LIE to experience the fashion and culture Mecca.
As vibrant and culturally significant as it is, I often feel out of place in Michigan. People often look to my style as being “cool” and “different”, to which I am always humbled by. But, to me it’s just the most basic level of NYC essence that I try and represent in some form or another on a daily basis. This is precisely why I am so excited to return to my favorite city to absorb the texture, style, spirit and swag that used to be my everyday.
Nowadays I return as a tourist since things change so often, and also since I now appreciate the nuances of the NY vibe more than ever after periods of being away.
I also question myself and feel a bit insecure wondering if I have been living up to and representing this NY style and doing it justice. After 3 days with my FAVORITE city, I felt a resurgence. It was a much needed reminder of WHY I love the things I do, and HOW MUCH this city has influenced my life.
The appreciation for a good bagel or slice of pizza.
The overflowing respect for mothers with strollers who navigate the streets effortlessly.
My love of neutral colors year round
The necessity of having an extra pair of comfy shoes on hand so you can SLAY once you arrive at your destination.
The list goes on, but ultimately it reminded me that my style, my choices, my SWAG doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but Vee.

I’m a NEW YAWKER baby!

♥ The parking lot known as the LIE. Where my road rage was born ♥

♥ A Shoe Lovers HEAVEN…..The Saks Fifth Avenue Show FLOOR express elevator ♥

 ♥ Glossier Gal dreams come true ♥

♥ Every trip to NY my goal is to have a slice (or 2) of pizza and a NY bagel. Mission accomplished! ♥

♥ This city never sleeps…. ♥



♥ Vatasha Kristen ♥



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