Wild Thing

Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals

These AQUAZURRA WILD THING sandals are just that. They are fun, sexy and a little bit wild. The prominent yet clean FRINGE detail, and ankle tie w/ tassel accent has caused these to stand out as this summers IT girl statement piece.  I discovered these last year just as they were starting to become popular with the fashion influencer crowd. The WILD THING sandal sits on the foot very nicely, and doesn’t pinch or dig.  Even though they are fairly comfortable, I make it a point to take my time walking when wearing these. Since there is not a ton of material keeping your foot and the shoe as one, I recommend wearing when you are working on perfecting your STRUT or sitting down a lot. But they are so worth it!


These sandals are perfect for when I want to be lazy with my outfit, but still want to SPARKLE a little. Naturally, they are a beautiful accent to more formal wear (ie. jumpsuit, gown, dress, pant suit, etc.). However, I find myself wearing them more often with jeans or flowy pants as to not overdo the look.  You can play with how you tie these, but for the most part I wrap around the ankle and wear the tassels in the front.



♥ Vatasha Kristen ♥


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