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GUCCI Dionysus Embroidered Shoulder Bag

If any of you are GAME OF THRONES fans, you will appreciate the name assigned to this ArmCandy item. Presenting one of the PRETTIEST pieces I have ever owned, KHALEESI!!! This bag comes in several versions, both with and without embroidery. I am typically more of a safe zone color and pattern girl when it comes to most of my key pieces. So, it was quite a departure from the norm when I was drawn to the bird pattern generously sprawled across this bag. I felt that it added such a unique and eye catching touch, while still maintaining hints of a traditional Gucci handbag.


Up until this point I had taken an extensive break from purchasing Gucci, since I felt that although lovely, the pieces did not elicit that “FASHION FEEL GOOD” that I crave when making a purchase. In my opinion, Gucci has made a pretty astonishing comeback in the last year or so, creating handbags that are more exotic, but in a wearable way. As fierce as a completely jeweled bag may be, while strutting down the runway, I dare not attempt trying to work into MY everyday life.


How I (Vee) Rock It

This was a summer purchase that seamlessly paired with my solid patterned skirts and dresses, and as always with anything denim. Looks especially elegant alongside any flowing top, and serves well as your pop of color while still maintaining neutrality. The chain detail and the embellishment work provide both a classic feel and fashion forward edge.
It only comes in one size for this particular pattern. The bag is VERY spacious. It has has 4 compartments on the inside: 2 large front and back sections, a middle zipper section that extends the full length of the bag, and a hidden pocket up front. It also has a suede back pocket. It lays comfortably against my hip (I am 5’10”) when the link chain strap is fully extended. A more petite person MIGHT be able to wear this cross body, but I find the chain to be a bit too short for this personally. Similar to the Classic Chanel, the strap can be doubled to wear on your arm, or held as a clutch.
*One word of caution is in regards to the back pocket. It’s made of a tan suede, so care should be taken when wearing with jeans as there is possibility for denim color transfer.


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Ready to Shop?!

I purchased Khaleesi from Harrods (UK) online. It was another day of trolling the Harrods site after checking the status of a shoe order that I had placed. The UK to US conversion served very well for this item reducing the price about 20%!!  This pattern is no longer on the Harrods site, but is available for order on the Gucci site.




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