The Bold and Beautiful


Gucci Leather Double G Belt

My mood for belts comes and goes, so I’ve only collected a handful over the years. However, as of late, I have been lusting after the Gucci Leather Double G Belt.
This fall I kept reaching for my belts trying to make certain looks pop, but kept falling short. Then, this STUD started taking over my fashion influencer feeds, and inspired me to start wearing BELTS again.


How I (Vee) Rock It

This brown textured Lambskin belt is equal parts bold and beautiful. The color is more of a DARK CHOCOLATE so it compliments both black and brown.
The width is 1.5″ which allows it to not get swallowed up when I am half tucking my shirts. The brass GG buckle is less polished than the gold toned interlocking G belt, so it fits well into my denim heavy casual wardrobe.
I chose the size of the belt carefully so that I would be able to rock with dresses, high waist jeans and medium waist jeans. Low rise has been retired from my closet, so it’s not a factor, Thanks Cam 😉



Ready to Shop?!

I originally wanted black leather, however, it seems to be sold out company wide according to 2 different retailers. The leather Double G belts are unisex, and can be found in about 10 different colors. The Gucci site displays all the variations. My local Saks Gucci boutique had a better selection, than the Gucci stand alone store so definitely check out department stores as well.



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