It’s been over 2 years since I’ve made time to revive my blog and get out a new post, but what better time than after a LIFE CHANGING EVENT?!
In August 2020, I made the huge leap that I’ve been dreaming of my whole life.
Amidst all the chaos of a global pandemic, social injustice and unrest, and months before my 40th birthday, I moved my family across the country from Southeast Michigan to Southern California.

Although Detroit was good to me and I’ll always have a special place for it in my heart, our time had come to an end. This new chapter signifies so much in my life, and has lead me back to one of my many loves, VeeLuxe.

I am beyond excited to explore all things fashion, beauty, and luxe through a new lens. In my new home, and my new city. Welcome back fashionistas to VeeLuxe 2.0, West Coast edition!

?Vatasha Kristen


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