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Straight DENIM, No Filter

Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny

Abercrombie & Fitch vintage Boyfriend Jeans

The more that I spend on accessories lately, the less I want to spend on actual clothes. It’s got me looking towards reinventing what I have in my closet, but also towards fun ways of incorporating more thrifty clothing items into my wardrobe.
Along this journey I started to obsess over how much I used to LOVE my reasonably priced Levi’s denim in middle school and high school. Premium denim came in, and crapped all over my little Levi’s but lately I am noticing this resurgence of PURE DENIM via the trend known as MOM JEANS.
Not jeggings or stretch or booty support, but straight up denim. These lend to a more relaxed look, and are more about the statement then sex appeal. The rise is a bit higher, and they don’t hug your curves. The look isn’t as flashy and most are in the natural blue/ light blue denim wash. There is not a ton of stretch, and these tend to run small. So vanity sizing is not a thing. The point is to have them lay against you, and look effortless, not suffocate you so if in doubt go up!
The challenge that these bring is that you have to put effort into the other pieces of your outfit. So while pairing with a T-shirt is natural and easy, you can start to drift towards grocery store run chic if the right accessories and shoes aren’t chosen.
If you legit are running errands you can’t mess up the look. Sneakers, flip flops, etc. But if you are going to work or out for dinner, a bold pair of heels and a fun top are in order. If you want to keep the low key vibe going when dressing up, a T-shirt is ok, just add a fun jacket or blazer.
I’ve been playing the Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny on repeat since I ordered from Amazon. I adored so much, I got them in the charcoal rinse. One can successfully tap into the pure denim mom jean effect for under $90, even as low as $35. I have my eye on a pair of Levi’s 501 Skinny jeans which are going for about $98. Topshop has a few for under $100 as well.
Will I abandon adding more premium denim to my closet?
Will I forego stretch/Lycra fabrics?
Doubtful….but this is one trend that’s not gonna break the bank, and I’m having fun.


Vatasha Kristen


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